James Davis


OptiMind is a nootropic dietary supplement that promises to help you focus longer, clear brain fog, wake up effortlessly, boost energy levels, support brain health, and enhance your mind. It is claimed to have a scientifically proven formula that includes twelve safe and healthy minerals, vitamins, and compounds... more

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a new nootropic supplement that is claimed to help you improve your cognitive functions. This drug is made from natural ingredients. There is nothing in the formula that was synthesized in a lab or unknown junk, according to the manufacturer. The company behind the supplement is called Onnit... more

Focus Factor

Have you ever felt like your memory is in a fog? If yes, then you may need to take a memory-boosting supplement. One of the available ones on the modern market is called Focus Factor. It promises to improve your memory, boost your brain activity and make the fog dissipate. According to the ad, it is the best-selling memory booster at present... more

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane Mushroom is a dietary product that promises to nourish your mind by supporting the nervous and cerebral systems of your body. The supplement comes in the form of pills and is manufactured by the company called Host Defense. It is not very reputable or well-known in the country... more


Noopept is a cognitive enhancing dietary supplement that promises to perform much better than Piracetam in reducing emotional sensitivity after traumatic or vascular brain injuries. It improves night's sleep, reduces drowsiness, irritability, headaches, and increases energy levels necessary during the day... more


Adrafinil is also known as Olmifon, which is its brand name. It is a smart drug used to boost wakefulness, alertness, and mood. The product comes in the form of capsules which need to be used on a daily basis. The supplement was discovered in France in the 1970's and is mainly used by people who work the graveyard shift or in the early mornings... more