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Donate A Car To Charity

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Ask questions before making car donations
Many major charities accept car donations, allowing users to donate the vehicles used for a good cause and get a tax write-off in return. But the process is not as simple as making a phone call, deliver the vehicle unwanted and reaping the benefits of a tax write-off.
First, learn the mission of the charity. If you have a specific goal in mind for the gift, let the charity know. If you can not meet your goal, you may want to consider ogranizations other. Charities can use car donations in their work of charity. For example, a donation directly cars can help people in need of transportation people. Most likely, the vehicles will be sold to raise funds for programs of charity or the general fund. If the vehicles are sold, find out what programs the fund revenues. Maybe money can go to a particular charitable service or cause support.
Finally, ask if the charity oversees car donations or pay a company to do it. If a company’s profit is concerned with the vehicle donation, know how much money the charity will receive from the sale and how much will go to the company for profit.
This type of information can help direct your car donation for charity and the cause with your interests and objectives.

IRS tougher rules for car donations
Rules for making car donations have gotten tougher since 2005, for good reason.
Before 2005, there have been increasing reports of abuse in the growing field of car donation programs to benefit charity.

These abuses included donors taking tax write-off for donated vehicles at inflated prices. There have also been reports of companies and individuals posing as legitimate charities to gain personally from vehicle donations.
But new IRS rules make it more difficult for abusers to violate the system. It is now up to donors to make sure they are making donations to charities by car. Some states offer free guides or help for donors who want to check the status of charities and car donation programs.

Charities have their own costs in car donations Revenues from vehicle donations is a vital resource for charities. But the proceeds to charity gets from a car donation is often less than what the donor expects. Understand there are hidden costs that associations keep in car donation programs that offer. The knowledge can help you in your decision to donate. Some charities enlist the services of an auction house to sell vehicle donations for wholesale prices. Charitable prices can not be what donors may have received from the sale of vehicles through classified ads. In addition, the charity may entail for vehicle processing costs. These costs reduce the amount of money that is generated from car donations to charity.

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Top Interactive Social Media Platforms

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The interactive social media mean internet based mediums to interact and communicate. It is a unique platform which allows people to connect with each other no matter where they are living. The concept of of interactive social media is not only designed for private communication, but also for the public interactions. It has certain advantages and some disadvantages. Many people use social media for communicating with their friends and loved ones. On the other hand, these platforms are used by companies and businesses for promotion and advertising purposes. Let’s talk about the top social media platforms as well as the job of a social media manager.

top social media sites 2015

Top Social Media Platforms
Facebook: It is the most popular network where millions of people Log-in every second. It’s mobile friendliness has allowed it to reach the maximum audience.
Most of the people use it to post their daily activity updates as well as to see what others (in their circle) are doing. While different business uses this platform for promotions; however, it is more focused on paid advertisements by Facebook.

Twitter: Twitter is the best social media platform for businesses, as it allows them to post regular updates to their followers. However, most of the people log-in to twitter to see what is currently trending in their location or around the globe. Twitter trends are like reading advanced newspaper, where you could see what is happening around the globe. Many big brands promote their products using these Trends; either through a social media manager or via Paid Hashtags. It is considered as an interactive channel because people can debate, ask queries, post suggestions regarding the present trends through their tweets; they can likewise communicate with their friends.

The Job of a Social Media Manager
The social media manager is a person who executes and oversee customer outreach and advertisement, for a business via social networks and social networking software. It is a higher marketing position because this person is responsible for handling queries and sometimes generating sales as well. The duties of a social media manager are not specific, as they totally depend on the needs of a business. However, the most common duty of a social media manager is to build a positive image of the business. This person is also responsible for executing viral advertising campaigns. Many small businesses also employ social media managers, especially those who are struggling to manage their social media accounts. Email marketing, providing regular updates, creating campaigns, answering questions, and interacting with clients, are common responsibilities of a social media manager.

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