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Common Misconceptions About Tucson Air Conditioning

I need to add I’ve already taken all my readings and I filled out my clipboard so I have all my baseline readings okay I will turn the scale on let that zero Wow well then zero you know I’m going to get my job of r ready all right so that’s your it out nicely now making sure all nice valves of my manifold gauges are closed and tight and now.

I’m going to move a line right here the quarter inch line for the yellow alright so now I’m going to attach that to my job hang on it is going to give the threads on just right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to open this down but the same this is cracked so when I open this I’m going to purge the air out of this line and wait till it comes out here gasps and then shucks that’s it it’s all it takes just to purge the arrow now I’m going to open this job honor for sale and I’m going to turn this upside down all right I want to make sure if this hose and this is all running.

Freely so that this scale is accurately measuring this the weight of this unit right right here let me let that settle out now what I do I do the day in the top here what I started with okay I’ve got a baseline now exactly how many and I’m guessing – five pounds of refresh all curves yeah I’m liquid in here yeah super slow compressor crack open this one adding with food right now I’ve got on the low side game when I do this the kind of jumps around and careful here stop resurrection how much refrigerant is going in the system so just point three and what I’m going to do is I’m keep going in this state chill really not ever lower than he is to system I’m just gonna we have one other note safety glasses one time protection equipment I’m not working with refrigerant directly.

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