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Most Effective Ways To Overcome Ac Repair’s Problem

Do some looking action Tucson air conditioning you see season has arrived man I got a ton of calls but all the calls ago can’t even fit them all in one day their next level mama Ni level anyway what I’m going to now the guy called me he says that he don’t think as air.

conditioning is working properly so go over there and put the gauges on it run it see what’s going on with it I don’t think nothing for granted could be anything sometimes you know the charge is fine it just look at what they get they get a little nervous so we’re gonna check it out mama even laughs a real working man my man Nick level have them wait a little hard.

Take a left man take a look look at that chick look at that room walk another four then cheddar oh cool pocket that chick mama the baby daughter’s working again mama next level sorry working dog me I bet this ping offer here I’m going to take these these panels off and it’s all kinds of leaves down inside gonna clean all that stuff out of there you’re a little quick cleaning.

The leading one don’t we’ll check the charge it goes up into the attic look at the way the guy did this flipping joke or what unbelievable how close it is to them you know dad it’s a Goodman and get the make at the top and the panels often give it a quick cleaning it’s not too dirty but I’ll definitely vacuum it out see always build up this is gonna come out of here clean that with the brush you can see all that stuff’s gonna come out oh it is beginning around video Ghanaian Shogun all the shaking guy we want Faro onion going.

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