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This Is Why Local Houston Movers Is So Famous!

That’s that’s helped Tech Stars does their they have what are called founders talks sconce a week just like this they’ll bringing a founder to kind of explain their story and this is the format that they use no decks basic idea is like you know someone’s story I don’t necessarily think can be distilled down into PowerPoint slides with lessons on single slide I think it’s better to expose viscerally.

like here’s the highest here’s the lows and then let the audience kind of take away their own-conclusions from that so that’s the reason for my format my first time I’ve ever done it like that I thought it went pretty cool so I think I’ll do it againyeahearlier one of the hardest parts about about seeing all of your friends going to different cities and you know having established salaries.

And then you’re here doing your thing nothing’s confirmed and a lot of risk around it and you said one of the big things was fear can you can you talk about that more and kind of like you know I guess the social impact and personal impact that has on you yeah I it’s really interesting subject for me and my girlfriend could I tell you about that but uh I remember in college never having any fear about startups like when we were so like for example campus roost we spent all summer building this thing we put seven hundred chairs around the campus like every single person we knew was about to see everything.

That we had worked on and the old my older self now would be like man Jason like weren’t you afraid they would be like dude this is so stupid like why the hell were you spending the summer on this like I was out making ten grand but as a student like we never even thought that way we had no fear and I suspect that you guys probably see the world pretty similarly-like if you want to stay up all night hacking on something like do it like let’s just see what happens and what really really changes is as you do get out in the real world and you’re surrounded by people who don’t really think that.

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