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Tucson ac repair: What A Mistake!

And right here this is the Tucson air conditioning suction line going back to the compressor so I’m going to remove the caps off the Schroeder valve look inside your caps to make sure that if it’s going tight that your o-rings are in there I’m going to show that to you on camera there’s an o-ring in those caps almost there if that’s happening okay that there is a straighter.

we hang on the wall color I connect on I should be in the system and service valves right here I will confirm that when I connect our so the first one which is the book so when they do my way so I have to put a little pressure on them just about our watch it focus on is this most I gay back on you should seem age deflection you see that that’s telling me that I’m in the system right now so I am in the low side and is pulling a very low pounds for system that’s weight.

you up now the high here now watch the deflection on the high side game okay we’re about which is actually not bad put manifold gauges on I got my gauges on unit number for the first time I was filling out my checklist before I knew that there was a problem now that I put my gauges on I’m going to write down the suction discharge and I’m going to get some more information here to fill out my checklist all right down the evaporator temperature the sight.

pressure corresponding temperature and all of that because I need to add start off with a baseline as you will I have to refrigerate in I can see where I went from and going to so now what we want to do is I got my digital scale I got my gauges attached to the unit the shooter is low on refrigerant.

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